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We create a special kind of magic here.  Magic that goes beyond tricks and illusions to touch the heart, even as it surprises and excites the intellect. Magic is all about transformation, about telling memorable stories. The best magic serves a clear purpose - to dazzle, to delight, and to open an audience to new ideas, new ways of feeling, new ways of being. Not every magician can do that, but both Jeff McBride, Paul Draper, Marco Tempest and the other favorites included here are outstanding examples of those who can.

The artists and associates working with are all unique in that they all use deception as a tool - but only one of their tools - to create truly magical theatrical experiences.  We work in theaters, corporate meetings, trade shows, casinos, arts festivals, museums - almost anywhere you can imagine a performance, and a few you probably never thought one would take place in. (Marco Tempest performed among the monuments at Luxor just a couple of years ago, for example, to launch the IFA World Cup season).  More than anything else, we are a team of wizards who design experiences to serve our clients.  Challenge us to help you transform your audiences - whether they be potential customers, your own team, the national press...or anyone else.  Let us make Our Magic Your Magic today!

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Tobias Beckwith is CEO and leader of the team  He has been running his company, Tobias Beckwith, Inc., since the late 1980's, and has produced magical entertainments everywhere from off-Broadway to Las Vegas, from International Arts Festivals to corporate events for Fortune 500 companies.  Combining skills as a director, writer, producer and manager, Beckwith loves to share his enthusiasm for magic and the performance arts, and loves working in association with some of the top artists and thinkers in the world of magic.  Meet them by clicking their bio pages just to the right of this paragraph, or going to the "Artists" or "Shows" tabs above.

A recent addition to Beckwith's credits is that of author. He has two top-selling books for magical performers: Beyond Deception, Volumes 1 & 2, and, most recently, The Wizard's Way, a study of real wizards through history and the lessons they have for all of us. He is a popular teacher and speaker as well.

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