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Bob Neale, Nine Uneasy Pieces
Bob Neale, Nine Uneasy Pieces

Welcome to YouRMagic Catalog is here to help you create and experience magic in your life. We carry our own favorite magic, including some things from Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger that are exclusive to us. Jeff, Eugene and Johnny Thompson are certainly amongst our favorite magicians, and we're proud to have their products here. Each one continues to push boundaries and to maintain a high level of excellence - both in their performances and in the products and teaching they offer others. We all love magic and magicians ourselves, and welcome your questions and comments about anything you might find here.

Thanks for visiting!

Tobias Beckwith & Bryce Kuhlman

Featured Products
Best Ever Knots Off Silk (BEKOS)
Best Ever Knots Off Silk (BEKOS)
The Last Word
The Last Word
McBride Jumbo Manipulation Coins (Set of Five)
McBride Jumbo Manipulation Coins (Set of Five)
McBride Manipulation Coins (Set of Five with Video Tutorial)
McBride Manipulation Coins (Set of Five with Video Tutorial)
The Show Doctor
The Show Doctor


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01.Growing in the Art of Magic MP3 Library (Volumes 1 -6)
02.Ritual of Liberation
03.Jeff McBride's Manipulation Cards (2001 Version)
04.Eugene's Coin Clip
05.The Piatt Envelope (for "The Black Envelope" routine)
06.Vintage Jeff McBride Manipulation Cards
07.Thought Sender
08.Double Jumbo Card Fan Finale
09.Beyond Deception
10.Kundalini Rising Replacement
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